Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome rain

25mm so far today at 1600. Enough to wash all the dust off the roof into the tank. Adds flavour.


Inventory2 said...

Ditto PM - 34mm between 2pm and 4pm over this side. The rub now is that humidity, according to Metservice is 99%!!

PM of NZ said...

Damned humidity makes it all so uncomfortable. Hasn't cooled down any here.

At least the grass won't brown off - just enough moisture today to keep things ticking over. Still nicely green here, 2-4Km nearer town further east away from the hills is a whole different story.

And I now won't have to daily water the earth peg for my portable electric fence unit whilst the cows are on the long acre. If I forget to empty a milk bottle of water over it, the ground is so dry the zapping power output drops and the buggers keep crashing the hot wire.

PM of NZ said...

Stuck some batteries in Wx station.

Showing 80% humidity.