Friday, February 13, 2009

"I have no intention of calling meetings with gangs"

A start in the right direction. Predictably the separatist racist tribalist Maori Party thinks dialogue is possible. 'Enduring solutions' are said to be required. I could make a few suggestion on such long term solutions, but I am sure my readers will be thinking along similar lines.

I expect prisoner restraints to be fitted to vehicles and escape hatches removed irrespective of the law. The law needs changing post-haste. Convicted prisoners do not have rights the general public enjoy.

Whilst on the change in direction. A number of other recent issues.

Mr Plod needs a 24x7 presence in this area. It is not the HC jobs to ascertain whether their clientele are gang members. Like WINZ, most of their clientele already are.
Police told The Dominion Post that their officers avoided the area.

Totally unacceptable Mr Broad. It is the Police's job to ensure every street in NZ is safe.

Another issue. This oxygen sucker on a massive salary needs to work out when bail is breached. Caught with alcohol, pisses drugs.
Bailey Junior Kurariki, I don't know whether you'll come before me again but let me make it quite clear to you for your sake ... I really should have refused bail for you, and that is because the record shows that time and time again you have [been] given the opportunity to be at large, or on bail terms ... which is that you are not to consume alcohol and drugs.

But time and time again a drugs test has been given and you have failed. And once more, although you have protested that you have not taken any drugs, it wasn't until after you've been administered that test that you realised the game was up.

You then admitted that you've been taking drugs.

This is not a game, Kurariki.

What else is needed? Bail has been broken, lock the little prick up. The game was over for him six years ago.

Sort out the mess in Corrections, the soft Judiciary and the lawyers milking the legal aid system which has been left by Helengrad.