Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama-Messiah upsets Dead Tree Press hacks

In a copycat move where a paid journo from our MSM recently got up all himself for bloggers being treated as real news sources, the Obama Messiah has done the same.

Guido reports that the online-only Huffington post was favoured at question time over those from the Dead Tree Press. A first for a President.
The Whitehouse press corps are up in arms that Obama called on Huffington Post's Sam Stein to ask a question during the Presidential press conference.

It was the first time a President called on an online-only publication during a press conference.

Obama ignored hacks from the Dead Tree Press, in favour of the blogger

G also notes that the next UK government needs to admit that it goes to blogs for the real news and commentary.
If the Lobby was being honest, they know that the next government, Cameron and Osborne in particular, start the day the Guido way.


As G suggests, 'That must hurt a lot...'.

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