Sunday, February 22, 2009

Extremist tree-huggers fight over dung-heap

Tree-hugger co-leader Genetix is tossing in the towel, possibly by the next election. The reporter thinks the replacement will be a 'her'.

Anti-smacker Bradford, whose 'wall of shame' grows daily is next in line, along with radical Turei. Rabid Kedgeley is not standing. Mad new girl Delahunty is in the frame, but does not have the experience.

This will be fun to watch as the extremist Greens duke it out on top of the dung-heap. We already have one there in "dirty-dairying' Norman.
Jeanette was a conservative and moderate figure who reassured people who might otherwise think of the Greens as an extremist party.

The end of the Greens as they implode over the selection and lose any support. 10-12%? I reckon 1-2% by the time this saga plays out. Especially when their cousins over the ditch wear the full yet to be expressed wrath of setting fire to Victoria.

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