Friday, February 06, 2009

Ms Epiphany Throbbe tumescent with promise

Nothing much in the papers this morning on this our supposed National Day. Very quiet so far. The movers and shakers must be getting long in the tooth or very happy they are directly hooked into the motherlode of funding as National sells what is left of its soul.

For the past 30 plus years it has been a day of protest where the multitudes have been held to ransom by a few activists with their hands out for a piece of the action. Always accompanied by much in your face action and waving of flagpoles.

Jim Hopkins has the only piece worth reading on the topic.

at least this year we don't seem quite so hellbent on turning Waitangi Day into an orgy of angst and anger
Except for a couple of stirrers whose message was unknown as they manhandled our John Boy. Lost in translation - had they actually delivered it in the main language of this country some more might have understood.

Thy Treaty bought a nation for
Three blankets and a shirt

Scattered outbreaks of harmony are things to celebrate, not undermine. The nation's new mood is too precious, and fragile, to threaten.

Ms Epiphany may be rightly so as hard as a rampant flagpole.

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