Monday, February 09, 2009

(mis)Quote of the day

Frog has a post over at Tree Hugger Central with this PC gem.
There can be no doubt that the Treaty is the founding document of our nation and that the day of its signing should hold a special place on our calendars.

Sam Buchanan replies.

Come off it, Frog! How can a treaty that gurantees tino rangatiratanga and Maori possession of their lands be the founding document of a nation built on British systems and British law, and which operates in the English language? The New Zealand state ignored, wrote off and re-wrote the Treaty and never gave it any legal standing.

If you really want a statement to found “our nation” on, you might dig around the days after the invasion of the Waikato - I’m sure some colonist said “We’re in charge now and that’s that” or words to that effect.

Couldn't agree more or put it any better.


frog said...

So I take it you don't care for the Treaty, then? ;-)

PM of NZ said...


You're damned right and no doubt we will agree to disagree on such matters.

It is high time the much misinterpreted piece of paper was recognised as nothing but a mere formality in a colonisation process. The English version is very clear in its meaning to me and empire building what was the Poms were about.

The gravy train that is the Waitangi Tribunal is based upon false interpretation of that document lost in translation which give rise to such black arts as the Waitangi Principles. What a load of bollocks.

I also continue to note that Key, keeping form with all politicians as being most untrustworthy, has reneged on a deeply held party belief and election policy by not wiping gravy train reference from legislation. Like the previous administrations arrangements between criminals, anything goes once in power. I repeat what I have said before, Don Brash had it right.

I can only hope that sooner rather than later, all racially based cultural claptrap is removed from leglisation. That will be the only way to move this country forward from grievance mode to a can do attitude.

Anonymous said...

Well perhaps you should all look up the correct english version of the Treaty i.e. the one that mirrows the Maori one.
Its called the Littlewood Treatyand was signed a day after the false Treaty.
Just google Littlewood Treaty and learn up.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, the Littlewood version is not the recognised mis-translated version.

Anonymous said...

hi, you might be interested to see this regarding the Littlewood Treaty and the Treaty of Waitangi