Saturday, February 28, 2009

Update: Twin Horsemen ride in with lit blowtorches

Wellington is a Labour town;

thus the trepidation felt now the Twin Horsemen of the state sector's Apocalypse -

a National Government and bad economic times - have taken up residence in the capital.

National has positioned itself as the party putting the emphasis on customers and services.

putting the onus on departmental chief executives to do the job.

All good stuff. Would have never happened under Liarbour.

if there was ever a time to apply the blowtorch to the bureaucracy it is now.

With widespread job losses anticipated in the private sector, not much notice is going to be taken of squealing by the public sector.

Keep the torches lit and go hard!

WOBH smells bacon sarnies.

Sinner has the comment of the day:
Frankly I'd start with the unions. Just pass a simple law: every civil servant (except police and army) in a union fired. non benefits.

Couldn't agree more.

Redbaiter has been winding up socialists.
Make the grasping greedy leftist bastards face the real consequences of their selfish power driven junket. It will do them so much good.
What will be so good for them is also good for me and you on so many different levels as the bureaucrats are pared to the bone.


Ayrdale said...

It's been interesting too, to see that the perennial in house leftie magazine, The Listener, has blossomed under a new editor to become essential reading again.

So hell, under JK ANYTHING'S possible...

PM of NZ said...


Along time ago, I used to enjoy that rag. So you reckon it's now worth another look? Must get a copy next time I'm in the local stationers.