Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Update: WINZ Staffer to get gong?

The request.

Please Sir / Madam,

I am in hock up to my eyeballs with this and that on drip feed. I cannot afford to live after I have paid for my smokes and booze. The repo guys are after my need to have 50" plasma and the Beemer. I have fines to pay or else I am going to be locked up. My current welfare benefits are just are not covering my so necessary expenses, I might have to stop the Sky sub. God knows how I am going to feed all the rugrats and find some dollars for the pokies.

Can you help?

Ms A. Bludger

The reply.

Dear Ms Bludger,

I am sorry we are are not able to help at this time. A recent change in government has seen a crackdown on these supplementary benefits. You are no longer entitled to feed off the taxpayer teat.

Can I suggest you consider sex and travel before visiting a loan shark after pawning any possessions
to cover your debts. I have noticed that is what most working stiffs are doing to survive this recession.

Your choices. We are assisting you in making the hard decisions.

A. Socialist
WINZ Staffer

I say, get that WINZ Staffer a gong. But no, the ministry is probing.

CK suggests a dose of common sense.

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