Thursday, February 26, 2009

Telecom Asia calling..

Well, maybe not. But I kid you not. Telecom has an 0800 number for Telecom Asia on their Contact Us page. Shows how much support that monopoly has for NZ workers and their jobs.

Yesterday I placed my monthly or so irregular call into the depths of the call centre in the Manila slums at Telecom Asia to enquire when a mere whiff of increased speed might be noticed on my piece of their copper network.

Dialup seems to be getting worse - endless dropouts, poor connections and low transfer rates. Maybe so much has been promised to those higher in the food chain, my meagre allocation of bandwidth between tin cans is being further throttled.

'We do not have a timeframe for that' is the new catchcry. Previously a timeframe of 5 years has been mentioned, now I cannot even drag out 'months' or 'a couple of years' out of the call centre seat warmer. Must be one of these staff on trial, newly trained in the Kiwi way.
Broadband at a crossroads

Not any bloody crossroads near my place Mr Joyce.

Yes, I can only hope that John Boy saves some of the tea and biccie money at today's talkfest and allocates it toward my piece of copper.


Anonymous said...

PM, I think you are somewhere in the Woodville Dannevirke area? If so have you considered the wireless link from Inspire net that is available in that area now.
In Palmy I left Xtra a couple of years ago over broadband lack of speed. email me at ruahinesatgmaildotcom if you want any info.

PM of NZ said...


Cheers for that.

Have been watching Inspire wireless but need line of sight. No go tucked up under ranges.

Have Vodafone wireless (almost exceeded datacap for this month, hence now on dialup) and can see tower but is only on GPRS dialup speeds. Maybe Dannevegas will get VF 3G one day?

That aside, dialup is shocking. 95% of the working day it is well throttled.

Farmside satellite doesn't give me the mobility to ditch the fixed line with a house mounted dish.