Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Eco-dinosaur finally defeated: WAAG wins

Finally Liarbour's ex Pres Bob Harvey has admitted defeat on his grandiose social engineering scheme. The grand plan was to strip mine ratepayers wallets and build Orklund's newest slum on the possibly soon to vacated Whenuapai airport land. Defence will not be vacating so Mare Bob's socialism on a a grand scale will not now occur.

Dr Wayne Mapp MP stiffs it to the thieves at Waitakere Council.
I confirmed to them that the Government will be retaining Whenuapai as an RNZAF base. Cabinet will in the near future be considering measures needed to ensure efficient operations. After years of neglect, important remedial work particularly on the runway will be undertaken.

I wonder how much that useless exercise has cost me in rates over 10 years? WAAG must be really happy with this outcome.

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