Saturday, February 14, 2009

A blast from the past

A name that I thought had long disappeared into the annals of union history. I actually thought he had been locked up for some union thuggery or the like, but not so it seems.

Pops up on TVNZ tonight, still leeching off the working stiff.

Has risen to the dizzy heights of Secretary of Northern Amalgamated Workers Union.

A short CV.

"Fridges, pie warmers and heaters which were common prior to the ECA are today a wondrous sight to behold".

Those words came from union secretary Ray Bianchi - who was heavily involved in the Marsden Point project which was nearly crippled by strike action.

Marsden Point.
BNZ Building Wellington.
Mangere Bridge at Onehunga on the motorway.

Union strikes crippled each of these sites and from what I remember the name was always prominent. On TV all the time, in your face unioism.

This unionist must have cost the country billions over his tenure.

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Inventory2 said...

Riggers' Union from memory - a colleague of the Doran brothers - bad bastards all, who represented everything bad about trade unionism.