Friday, August 28, 2009

Advice from beating cops

The crime prevention booklet clearly lists in a section on memory enhancement what is required, including noting details such as ethnicity, hair colour and peculiarity.

Mr Plod has produced a booklet in various languages with cops on the beat giving tips how to catch 'yer crim. Quick summary below.
* Don't stereotype - anyone can steal; trust your instincts.

* Your life and safety are worth more than money.

* Note the offender's description, but don't stare.

* Details to note include: mouth-lip shape, facial hair, chin and actual words used.

No stereotyping here mate, but as a part of the minority known as middle aged white males, I do know what instincts I will be entrusting when a drugged up odd looking chinless slouching good-for-nothing hoodie wearing yoof layabout with rough facial hair appears on my horizon casing my goods and wallet.

"Mr Plod, he looked just like those other thieves I see daily on the telly. You know, those MPs."

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Pique Oil said...

And like we would do with any pollie that came to close you would encourage him to behave by the judicious use of your slipper in his nether regions.
Mr Plod he lunged forward just as I was imagining I was Dan Carter kicking the winning penalty in the World Cup. Honest, would I tell a fib Mr Plod?
Have these fools got othing better to do than put ambulances with broken motors at the bottom of the cliff?
How about an agressive policing campaign to target the source of the crime rather than telling the victims how to behave?
so anyway back to the World Cup, I forgot that you have to get to the finals first. Silly me.