Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Kohi Yid is feeling very crook

A summary of the short political week. Exactly.

Reproduced in full ex The Kohi Yid, Barnsley Bill.

I have little, if any regard for people who go into public office, whether it be community board, local council, parliament or even school trustees.

To my cynical eye they fall into one of only two categories – the misguided do-gooder or those with an agenda they seek power to push through.

Because of this I’ve wasted little time using the privilege Barnsley Bill has given me of posting on his blog to talk about politics or politicians.

But I can/t let this week pass. I have to vent my spleen over the housing subsidies being claimed by these troughers we voted for.

They make me want to puke!

If you or I lived in Auckland, Kerikeri, Timaru or Ekatahuna and we applied for a job in Wellington – which is what these wallys do when they stand for Parliament – we’d be expected to pay our own costs to move their and live their. So why don’t they?

Why do they get any sort of housing allowance at all?

So they want to bring their family to Wellington with them – so what? Boo hoo. They can get their cheque book out like the rest of us and pay out of their $131,000+ salary. What makes them any different from us voters?

When MPs start thinking and acting like they’re different from the taxpayers, their employers, they stop representing us.

These fucking bent pricks who own property and rent it to each other to screw the system even further should be sacked and they should end up in court the same way Philip Field has.

And if I hear one more fucking wet blanket tell me we need to pay MPs and ministers more and let them have their perks because in the private sector they’d earn so much more, I’ll fucking puke … again.

There’s not one of these MPs that would even get a job in the real world at minimum wage, let alone for more than they trough now – if they could they wouldn’t be MPs.

They went to parliament because they couldn’t hack it as school teachers or union organisers.

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