Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walls being erected in Chinese doco saga

As previously blogged, the Chinese Embassy is not happy. Embassy staff had a chinwag with Maori TV today, but were told 'ta very much, but bugger off'.
Maori Television strongly believes in the fundamental right for all people to freedom of speech

Not that I watch native TV at all apart from momentary lapses in channel surfing, good on them for standing their ground.
The showing of the documentary in Melbourne was marked by pro-Chinese protests and a cyber-attack on the film festival's web site.

In Oz I note hackers went feral after the decision went against the party line. Wonder if the Dept of Internal Affairs will be monitoring for an upsurge in traffic to the NZ website?

Nice to see the Chinese are willing participants in
democracy supporting free speech in other countries.

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