Friday, August 14, 2009

Summary of proceedings in da Exchange

The everyday Kiwi views the sharemarket as an institution set up to fleece them of everything they have.

Another well said. Quote of the day.
what new companies could I have put my money into in the last two years to help them grow on the NZ sharemarket ?

I had money in Fletcher Energy-delisted
I had money in Montana -delisted
Lion Nathan-delisted
Ports of Auckland-delisted
Goodman fielder-de-listed
Carter Holt de-listed

All I have left is tel,skc,skt,ogc,npx,fph,ppl everything else is overseas where they actually value capitalism and dont want to tax it to death if its going well.

I agree entirely with the most NZers think the sharemarket still has shades of 87 so avoid it.

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