Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horse trading at the Super City Corral

ACT leader Rodney Hide has set himself firmly against having any Maori seats on the new Auckland 'super city' council but denies he is holding the Government to ransom over the controversial issue.

The Super City horse trading continues. It appears that at least one party actually has a principled bottom line.
What we have done is state our position very clearly and we are opposed to any reservation of seats for a particular group

That of ACT and its vehement oppositon to seats being allocated by race on which I totally agree. Congratulations on your stand ACT.
The Maori Party has been lobbying to overturn the Government's decision and both sides have been looking for a compromise

Opposition is obviously being brought to bear by would be troughers being cut out of the action. I suspect the horse trading is moving to a new level. That of high noon at the Super City Corral as talking ceases and dirty tricks take over.

I remain astounded that the infighting between the parochialists remains so quiet of late and remain extremely suspicious of what has been horse traded with my rate taxes and council assets. Guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks.
A special select committee which has been holding hearings in Auckland is due to report to the Government in about two weeks.

It has dealt with the issue of Maori seats and is expected to make a recommendation one way or the other.
I await that report and would expect that if the government should entertain the undemocratically elected in any shape or form, the worst backlash a New Zealand government has ever experienced will be unleashed on National.

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