Saturday, August 15, 2009

Flags and road blocks

If this lot get their slice of the action and secede from New Zealand after a few more road blocks, I wonder if Johnny LiarbourLite will have enough room on the harbour bridge to run up all the requisite national flags?
Te Umutaoroa is exactly that, a group of people who did not make the grade ... they were not selected as Negotiators because look how they behave.

Negotiations are stalled whilst a breakaway group (The Long Baking Oven?) has been tying up Mr Plod's resources with road blocks over their half-baked counter-claims after seriously getting their noses out of joint for being left out of negotiations.
financial benefit in my belief is the core ... for some of the others who are a part of your group or whom are fuelling this from behind the scenes

Long may divide and rule continue.

And Johnny Boy, there is only room for one flag in this New Zealand nation.

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