Sunday, August 09, 2009

They can't help themselves, can they?

Paul Holmes, before he changed places as debater and debatee with the Speaker today on Q&A, wrote a piece for Granny Herald.

The starter was
They can't help themselves, can they?

How right. What Lockwood still fails to grasp is that Joe Public has had a gutsful of thieving MP's lining their pockets with taxes. It does not matter how the Speaker dresses expenses up, they are still a rort.

Further down, Holmes notes a quote by Richard Griffin.
"They're all special. Every one of them. They've all put their balls on the line, gone through the selection process and got themselves elected."

I have always remembered that.

Inevitably, some will be brighter than others, but line 20 brain surgeons up and one will be thick.

Definitely very special. Our rorting MP's would definitely favour the wrong side of that lineup, except when it comes to maximising their expenses.

Later Holmes tries to suggest that MPs' make sacrifices. What a load of tosh. Always in country unless on a junket overseas, no problems.
There is the time away from your spouse or partner and the kids.

You deal with family situations from afar and you cope, no doubt, with the hopelessness of trying to discipline teenagers over the phone.

Tried that lately?

Really? I daresay the members of our Armed Forces at sea and overseas could give the MPs some practical everyday lessons on real hardship re running families whilst deployed for months on end.

And they do not get paid anything like rorting MPs.

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Pique Oil said...

Never ever let them forget that they
CHOSE to be pollies.
No one held a gun to their head, no one threatened their families.
They chose to be pollies because it spun their wheels in some way.
They knew the "sacrifices" the "hardships" and still they chose to become pollies.
a pox on all of them