Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Resurrection: O Joy!

A tale truly fit for the Sunday Lesson.

Lazarus (HT The Inquiring Mind) has arisen. Winston preaches to the faithful in the Waikato heartland.
How deliciously ironic.
what he sees as the push to establish a "separate system for Maori"

the dangerous drift towards racial separatism in New Zealand

he took aim at the Key government over its handling of the economic crisis, unemployment, the Auckland super city and privatisation

Key would rue the day he entered into a pact with the Maori Party which was "made up of professional Maoris, not Maori professionals"

every concession won at whatever cost to other New Zealanders, including most Maori is a platform to demand more

appeasement seldom pays because every concession emboldens those who are pressing their demands

It is dangerous for the future of this nation to create another flag

The idea of this `official Maori flag' is taking us further down the road to two nations. New Zealand First strenuously opposes this insidious creeping, crawling, dissolving of the bonds the symbols that unite us as a nation

The only area where these separatists are prepared to tolerate a `One Country' concept is their fervent embrace of other taxpayers' dollars. They don't discriminate where the money comes from.

we are not going to quietly fade away into the background while most New Zealanders are sold down the river.

We are gathering and reorganising our army, ready for the big battle of 2011.

"Over the next two years our task is to mobilise a political force to take back our country. And this time there will be no mistakes, missed targets, or casualties from friendly fire. We will head for the high ground and we will take it.

[The Maori Party] ignore rapidly rising Maori unemployment for boutique issues that will not economically help one Maori

And is pressing all the right buttons that National had, but seem to have lost. Orewa III anyone? Where is Don?

For those like myself that have recently gone right off National pissing in everyone's pockets, the choices have just got easier. Whilst I would never vote for Liarbour, the Greens or even fringe nutters like the Libz, it will make the decisions between Act and NZ First harder.

Only a couple of buttons have not been pressed. Winston is still leader. I do wonder if Paul Henry will ask the right questions today on Q&A at 0900 over the $158K he still owes to me and you, the taxpayer.

Like anyone in the legal fraternity and even worse in politics, never, ever trust Winston.

Twice or more bitten over the newly risen, if Rodney sticks to his principles, ACT will be the winner at the next polls, but it will be a very pissed off electorate.
Soon, many of their constituents will be choking on their hangi in disgust.

As is usual on matters politik with Winston, he pushes another button whilst having the final word. Aimed at the separatist party, I humbly suggest it equally applies to National.

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