Tuesday, August 18, 2009

WCC thief surprised at massive savings

The head honcho over at that den of socialist thieves formally known as Waitakere City Council shows mock surprise at Super City $250M plus possible savings.
Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey said it was an astonishing amount of cost savings to be found across the Auckland region

Really? Doesn't surprise me as a multiple ratepayer one little bit about possible savings in that viper's nest of parochial local socialist councils. Remind me just what WCC does do for the ratepayer? He goes on.
The ratepayers of Auckland will be delighted or devastated whichever way they try and cut that money

Damned right! Ratepayers will be ecstatic about reductions in criminal local taxes, whilst the non-ratepaying bludging troughers will scream vociferously for some time about perceived losses of rights and entitlements.

Good stuff. Bring it on Rodney, cannot happen quickly enough.

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