Sunday, August 30, 2009

Brown supports reserved seats

took a swipe at the government while launching his campaign today, promising Maori he would be inclusive

The one who, if elected as Lord Mare or whatever they decide to call the head honcho, would only be a heart beat away from a bye-election, wants reserved seats in Auckland's Super City. Seats reserved by skin colour. There is a name for that.

Guaranteed support from some in the south and west, meanwhile others in more democratic parts of Auckland might not agree.
He backed the original Royal Commission solution which saw well resourced mini-councils looking after local governance

In a time where local government should be scaled back, all Brown wants is business as usual at the parish pumps with more of my money and is promoting the local parochial councils with a undemocratic flavour.

I thoroughly disagree. The whole Super City is one central council for all. No reserved seats.

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KG said...

A whole lot of Kiwis are sick and tired of apartheid policies and if Key caves on this then the Nats are going to lose a lot of support.
He may think he has a bulletproof majority but that's going to bleed away over the next couple of years unless he starts taking note of the mood out there.