Monday, August 31, 2009

Union Busters: A work in progress on the lines

Today Telecom announced the arrangement would be brought forward three weeks and Visionstream would take over Chorus work in North Shore and Waitakere ahead of schedule.

Telecom said owner-operators were lined up and eager to start installing and repairing customer phone and broadband services.

Nice to see independent contractors are out there keen to actually work for a living, not attending work for a handout on a picket.
Telecom was continuing to needlessly put the network at risk when there was an alternative model that would suit both union members and Telecom

Bollocks! Union woolly speak for we want more of the status quo and the cake. Nice work Telecom. Go Hard!

No networks were risked in making this union busting exercise...

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Barnsley Bill said...

Sorry PM. But you are completely wrong in this instance. I am no friend of the unions but what they have done to the workers in Northland is a fucking outrage.