Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hi Di Hi from NY

No regrets

the sustainability agenda is important on its own merits

Still trying to run New Zealand from the corrupt trough that is the UN. And Mr Key is giving them $190M?

From the pic anyone might think she is on a short holiday. The socialist never stops. Born to rule, nannying to the end. Why is she even getting airtime? Firstly Henry, now Watkins over there for an interview.

she rejects suggestions that Labour alienated voters by pushing through measures such as the child discipline bill

Don't we have laws against outside political influence during a voting period? Accuses the Nats of underhanded play.
acted out of sheer vindictiveness

Now that claim could be equally applied to Liarbour. Toy train set, for starters? And she herself has admitted to never forgetting a face. Take from that what you wish.

One day I suppose the actual truth will dawn on socialists that they have lost the keys to the throne in Godzone. I see this morning that that truth for Mr Carter
has come out as he is made the fall guy for Liarbours' documented rorts. His mates are following the normal path for partners in crime.


ZenTiger said...

I too was dismayed at her display of petty politics, and then the penny dropped.

Pique Oil said...

It has not forgiven us for our crime of tossing it and its ilk out.
You ignore that at your peril!