Monday, August 03, 2009

Feeling used?

There is no possibility of just cutting taxes, the Government is short of revenue
Feeling used? Yes, you voted for them, now you have been sold out and spat out.

And their priorities are still all wrong.
Over the next five years or so we will need to get in as much revenue as we can without actually raising the tax burden.

Yes-sirree, there's an election to be won at the end of this session. Just like the new found faith in the ABs. 2011 is everything to this bunch of thieves. Not that their MO is any different to the last mob.
As long as they win in 2011 at the Rugby World Cup that will probably work for me

Never any mention of drastically cutting gummint 'services' on offer as most families would do within their budgets in these recessionary times.

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