Friday, August 21, 2009

Time to govern, not watch thugs

The honeymoon has ended.

This week we have witnessed thugs in training copping various suspensions for their actions. And some professional thugs complain that the sentences are too hard. I say the sentences should have been harder, but the selectors will have noted the 'hard men' for future reps.

In that other place of professional thuggery we are daily entertained by, the saga continues.

Whilst John Boy is away watching our Rugby thugs (yes, they are no more than that) playing away in Oz, a member of his team has been doing some stirring by 'leaking' an email.

Of course the recipient of the leak, being a rabid anti-Nat part of the MSM, is giving the ball legs.

One might argue that the lobbed ball is to test where the game is at. It is a very high stakes game.

One side is for fair play, the other is for playing the man rather than the ball. Was the ball to see where the best defence lies?

Fair play says that players should not benefit by race or grouping, but by democracy. The other side wants their unelected thugs inserted to sway proceedings. At least one player is willing to walk on such matters.

On the sidelines we have the rabid feral supporters. A strong showing of those rooting for the red team has taken to screaming abuse and attacking players from the fair play team. Just like the physical game of thuggery, those on the sidelines might bay for blood without declaring their hand, but a sensible decision is required.

As Captain, John Boy it is time to govern, not sit on the benches. The honeymoon is over.

Johnny Boy
I do not know whether the other 1,330,899 voted Yes or No, but I suspect you might called to govern on that matter too.

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