Monday, August 10, 2009

Troughing MP makes accusations about motives

And tries to takes his mates down with him.
He said that as Education Minister he had been only the fourth-highest travelling minister last year - behind Foreign Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Helen Clark and Trade Minister Phil Goff.

Yes, the travel of those above are possibly within the gambit of their jobs, expected to travel widely.

Education Minister? Like bloody hell! Did we get value for our money in international students?

One might draw inspiration from today's Quote of the Day at the Inquiring Mind.
There are two reliable ways of telling if you have won an argument.

The first is if your disputants switch from discussion of the facts to accusations about motives;

the second, more obviously, is if they descend to mere abuse.

Indeed, this argument has been won. At least he is not taking up the second option. Yet.

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