Sunday, August 02, 2009

Make Work Scheming in the community

So John Boy thinks his Community Max make work scheme will solve yoof unemployment issues.

And the usual handout takers are up for it. Here, here and here.

Known facts.
There are around 60,000 yoof in the target group.
Community Max aims at 3000 of them.
Split between 83 territorial authorities and others wishing to slurp at the community trough.

$40.3M of your hard earnt stolen wedge being splashed around to supposedly employ layabout yoof for 6 months. Then what? Back on the dole again.

$29.3M for the yoof. $7.3M for their supervisors (1 for every 4 workers). $3.7M for the training component per worker.

The unemployed yoof will currently be uplifting a handsome dole package and probably not even get out of bed to think about working for 30 hours on the minimum wage for $375. Before tax.

What 'community good' projects, that I am not currently being raped for via my rate taxes, will suddenly pop up to keep the 36 workers and 9 supervisors allocated to my area gainfully employed for 6 months? All the necessary projects will be already allocated and funded. Even those that are regularly entertained via HM on PD have trouble gainfully filling their day.

Yes John Boy, your communal make work scheming is another unnecessary load on my maxed out taxes. It might look good on paper and keep the trough slurpers quiet, but in the real world it is bollocks.


Lindsay said...

Quite. I am getting old I think. Seen it all before. Younger people will get excited about seemingly new solutions. But these are schemes enabled only by the money the government took off the potential employer they are now trying to bribe.

PM of NZ said...

Yes, Lindsay, I too sometime wonder if pointing out the errors of their ways is worth it.

I do know that ultimately my family finances are not sustainable operating the way these sods do by spraying my taxes everywhere mentality and a fist in my wallet buying votes.

Anonymous said...

You're right, waste of time pointing it out, but equally, if everyone had the same attitude to employment and business growth as you demonstrate, there'd be little mystery as to why the youth were unemployed to begin with. This whole sneer fest of anything not middle aged comfortably class has to end. And if you don't want to end it, take your own advice and just shut up.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, your message was?