Monday, August 30, 2010

21st Century cultural ploys

Local Maori are claiming a big section of Cape Kidnappers land owned by American billionaire Julian Robertson

Not getting a cut of the foreshore and seabed? Look like losing out in the Great 2010 Racist Handout of Sovereignty and Separatism?
"That area has great significance for our people, Ngati Hawea," ... "Our people were actually camped up that way for all those years before Captain Cook came along.

Then claim the private land owned for generations was stolen.
If the court rules in ... favour, it would set a precedent that could apply to other reserve lands around New Zealand

These people will stop at nothing to establish their tenuous links to the foreshore and seabed. The unfortunate thing is that we have a government that will facilitate the passing of the seabed to them. A loss to all non-ethnics in this country who are deemed to be nothing but oppressive colonists.

Absolutely disgusting. World class cultural ploys in the 21st century.

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Anonymous said...

PM - How about uploading one of the Coastal Coalition's images and putting it on your blogsite.