Saturday, August 21, 2010

Community notice: Voting Westie

A community service notice for the upcoming Super City offerings in Waitakere.

The choices are (you will have to pick two)

Waitakere (Two vacancies)
BRICKELL Mark Citizens & Ratepayers - Waitakere
CHAN Peter Independent
CONEY Sandra Best for the West
DALY Bill Independent
HASLER Marie Citizens & Ratepayers - Waitakere
HULSE Penny Independent
NEESON Vanessa Independent
TALAMAIVAO Sailauama Cheryl Communities Advancing Prosperity
WALBRAN Paul Best for the West

sourced from here

First cut: non-Labour, non-greenie, non-female
Waitakere (Two vacancies)
BRICKELL Mark Citizens & Ratepayers - Waitakere
CHAN Peter Independent
DALY Bill Independent
WALBRAN Paul Best for the West

Soon knocks a hole in the offerings, doesn’t it?

The details
Mark Brickell – Linkedin shows a Mark Brickell, school principal at the Vineyard.org.nz (server not working).
No personal statement, but C&R alignment is a plus in my book.
C&R sales pitch here

Looks too much like a serious god-botherer for my vote.

Peter Chan
Contact here peter.chan@waitakere.govt.nz
Of Chinese origin, already supping at the trough in the local council. No personal statement.
“I simply serve and therefore I believe that I can make a difference”

A possible.

Bill Daly – Against Super City, but has some good ideas. Looking for responsive democracy through use of referenda. Possible ACToid, could support republic. Personal statement here.

Appears to affiliated with Better Democracy NZ
which supports 99 MP's, a good thing in my book, and real local government power in communities.

The best of a poor bunch.

Paul Walbran – A serial trougher, recently Auckland Ripoff Corporation’s nominated deputy whilst the head socialist Lee was on private leave. No personal statement found online. One of Bob Harvey’s long term mates and probably a rabid tree-hugger to boot.

Too long in the trough for my liking.

Easy wasn't it?

Got rid of half the local government Labour infestation / offerings in 2007, now is the time to excise the other half including the head socialist, soon to be ex-Mayor Bob.

Bring on the Super City. Long may Labour be in opposition at all levels.

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