Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Absolutely NOT!

Mayoral candidate Len Brown wants to incorporate Waitakere's eco-city into the Super City

Patently obvious where my rates in Auckland are going. Supporting a backdoor Labour campaign as Harvey is pushed out of a job, but looking to keep all his cronies in a job.

I do not want 'eco' this and that. I have had three decades of funding the soon to be gone madness of Bob's that is Waitakere in the name of an eco-city. It has been nothing but an excuse to rape ratepayer wallets, employing multitudes of rabid do-gooder greenies and the like, funding their hare-brained 'eco' schemes, all the time reducing any real services.

The job of the new city is provide infrastructure. Without Labour's social engineering and certainly not with an 'eco' flavour.

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