Monday, August 02, 2010

What is NACTional going to offer?

It is going to be an uphill battle, but it may well be that the events of last week galvanise the caucus and the party

With Liarbour now galvanised into general election fighting mode, with all lefties in current Super City councils gunning for Lying Len to be the first Lord Mayor of all he sees, the question is 'What is NACTional going to offer next time?'. The same stony-faced lies you delivered this around?

I think that will not go down well with the electorate as you continue lying in your futile attempt to retain control. No sane voter would trust you, the smiling assassin, or the useless Rodney on their current performance of offering one thing, flip flops and doing things so pinko that most would think now that they had voted Liarbour in for more of the same?

Just what is John 'Boy' going to offer?
  • Backroom deals pandering to apartheid with the separatists? Na, doing that already.
  • Giving away large tracts of New Zealand, including the foreshore and seabed. Na, do that also under the guise of pandering to a 170 year document of dubious interpretation.
  • Going hard on government spending? Na, still borrowing like there's no tomorrow.
  • Listen to the people? No, we ignore referendums.
  • Stop increasing taxes? No, we prefer the scams of emission trading and raising GST to pay for our government excesses.
  • Hold previous governments and parties to account for electoral fraud? No we find jobs for the boyz and girlz.
  • Stop acquiring ideologically driven assets? Now we are still spending millions on that toy train set.
  • Set about weaning the population of the largesse of benefits? Na, we just keep on topping up the likes of Working For Welfare and the like.
  • Tell the ferals, greenies and other minorities this is how it will be? Na, we just roll over and stop mining and farming on their whim.
  • Put unionised in their place with sensible industrial relations? Na, we just roll on that as being too hard.

Yes, Mr Key, I do wonder what you will offer this time. Most would not believe you. I really want a government that stops lying to the electorate at the ballot box and actually does what its core values purport to be. And to emphasise those points of difference. You Sir, currently are a poor excuse for a Prime Minister from the National Party.

Much as I hate to admit it, your NACTional government is a one-termer, about to offer more of the same lies, which the opposition will win by default.


Anonymous said...

Let's hope Labour do win, anything to get this mob out of power, Key is a trophy PM, who lusted after power without an honest motion. Sickening, and I'm ashamed I swallowed the lie, I had a feeling he was just after another feather in his cap, but I gave the the benefit of the doubt. Trust your senses!

Anonymous said...

No fucking way Labour will win guys - and let's be thankful for that!

because however bad Key has been - Labour would have been far, far, far, worse.

We may be borrowing $500 Million a week - but Labour would have had us borrowing $1 Billion per week - no problem..

If you want a real government:
- electorate vote National (except in Epsom).
- party vote ACT

If ACT are on 10% (at least) then National won't be able to ignore 'em.

If ACT somehow got the votes to push the corrupt MMP system into a real overhang (say 20%, 30 overhang seats, ACT+National a soild majority in a
150 seat "joke" Parliament) then we'd get real policies and an end to this MMP shambles!

Party vote ACT.

or you're a loser who shouldn't be allowed to vote.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, both ACT and the Nats need to given the message. They have had their chance and blown it.

There is another option:
Bugger two ticks ACT
. Seems increasingly by each day that passes with the current NACTional lying treacherous pinko government a valid option.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.30am has missed the point of PM's blog. Key was not elected to govern this way. "Trader" Key will do anything to stay in power.

Have a look at Lost Soul's blog http://www.lostsoulblog.com/2010/08/intellectual-property-and-international.html