Thursday, August 19, 2010

Best news I've heard all day

Legislation that extends the 90-day employment probation period to all businesses passed its first reading in Parliament today

Meanwhile the unionised continue to bleat and whinge. They don't know when they are onto a good thing.

Labour and the unions were "blinded by ideology" and were refusing to see the positive aspects


Anonymous said...

Only problems with the 90-day law are:
* That its only for 90 days
* That it only applies to new workers
* That it has to be written into contracts

As for the unions: there is only one solution to communism: ban them (and the Labour and Green mates too of course)

PM of NZ said...

Gotta start somewhere, Anon.

And as for unions...

Anonymous said...

And as for unions...

Ban 'em, deregister the lot, and make all employees (or anyone else conspiring) to raise costs on their employer's business civilly and criminally liable for those costs and damages

Really that's the one law that needs to be changed.
If some lefty cunt forces conspires with some lazy layabouts to put up my wages costs they can damn well pay the extra themselves!