Sunday, August 29, 2010

Look what crawled out from under the rocks

The wrecker of the New Zealand economy. Doing a flip-flop on wanting a republic. I thought he had died he'd been so quiet on his Liarbour-Lite tenure of patronage, but is now seen to be lining himself up for Prez of New Zealand should HRH pop her clogs.

And this villain who does not want reporting of suicides. Because of his daughter. There are thousands out of parents out there Mr Triple-Dipper, who do want reporting of people topping themselves reported as what they are. No pussy footing around, but as a suicide, without the detail, not as "Mr Plod does not regard the death as suspicious". And that includes this blogger who has over the years witnessed first hand the results of more than a few such incidents.

Pity the rocks were not heavy enough to keep these creatures hidden.


pdm said...

Talking of those sorts of people I see Ivan Johnansen is standing for the Tararua Council. Don't vote for him he will only be in it for himself. I had dealings with him some years ago and there are times when he and the truth are strangers to say the least.

PM I hope he is not a friend of yours and I apologise for going off topic a little.

PM of NZ said...

pdm, Ivan appears like a bad smell at every election.

As for the other topic, thanks for your kind words, no details will be given.

But the statistics show a different story. That one hell of a lot of NZ families will know someone who did top themselves, be it immediate family, friends, workmates or acquaintances. And are sweeping it under the carpet by not talking about it.

And I guess I am just as guilty. A conversation stopper if there ever was one. This topic does need more publicity.