Sunday, August 22, 2010



a negative conscious and
emotional reaction to personal past acts and behaviors

Some in political circles will be filled with regret today.

Across the ditch, both the Lying Tart and the Budgie Smuggler will be regretting the outcome of yesterday's election in Oz. Regretting that maybe, just maybe, they didn't do enough or maybe they should not have resorted to last minute personal attacks. Either way, the voters have spoken - Up yours and a pox on both your houses.

Closer to home, those in the ACT party and those recently removed from same will no doubt be regretting their actions this week. After a whole lot of dirty laundry was publicly aired.
Their demise now is near complete.

Ultimately the Act caucus was consumed by hate, personal and visceral; by a mutual loathing that no lust may repair. There is no commonality, no real organisation, and soon there will be no finances.

Mr Laws today aptly sums up their situation.

All that will be left, will be regret.

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