Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The stoush is on

TV3 is reporting Winnie is to contest Helensville. Should give the lame Smile and Wave a run for his money by asking some hard questions. And tons of publicity in the highest profile seat in the land.

It's only Wednesday, Key has rolled an ACT MP possibly over defence security issues, is about to give away what's left of New Zealand to the separatists and now Lazarus is arisen.

A free publicity platform for Winnie, although he is not formally admitting to standing in the electorate. 5% party vote will be easy for NZ First.

Great, finally a real place for party votes. Not that many like NZ First policies or Winnie deviousness, but NACTional needs putting its place. A party vote for NACTional parties is a vote for more pinko Labour-Lite. Voting for Labour or the Greens will never happen, even out of spite. A vote for Winston First is the only option.

The gloves are off, the stoush is about to start.


Anonymous said...

Geeez you commie FUCK:

A party vote for NACTional parties is a vote for more pinko Labour-Lite.

And a vote for Winston is a vote for communism

Want Uncle Hellen back? Vote WINSTON

PM of NZ said...

Nice turn of phrase there Anon.

At least you know you will get shafted after voting for Winnie.

Where will you be placing your party vote Anon?

pdm said...

A party vote for Winston First is a party vote for Labour.

<ore corruption and more welfare.

And then there is the unpaid $158,000.

PM of NZ said...

'More corruption and welfare', pdm?

Is that any different to what is being given right now?

If the $158K was a concern, the Electoral Office (or whoever) should have taken recovery action by now. Obviously not a priority for this corrupt pinko government. Nothing different from the previous corrupt pinko government. Business as usual.

Anonymous said...

Party vote ACT,
Electorate vote National.

It's the only rational choice - the only chance of defeating the Maorimander and keeping the commies out.

KG said...

"Nothing different from the previous corrupt pinko government. Business as usual."

KG said...

The only really effective vote is an air ticket to Australia.
If the productive, informed people leave this place will implode and be forced to face reality. Right now it's limping along on the backs of a productive few and will continue to do so for as long as those people can be taxed to pay for the rest.
Vote with your feet and leave the kids to squabble over the rubble.

PM of NZ said...

Party vote ACT, Anon 2???
You have to be joking after the self-inflicted implosion this week. I used to think that possibly was a credible alternative to throwing my party vote away on something really terrible like the Libz, but no more. I wouldn't trust ACT to organise a piss-up in a brothel.

You know KG, Oz is looking better by the day as this country is torn apart by the maorimander.

Having lived there for while in a past life, one does seriously wonder if that is better place to be.

You're quite right about leaving it to the kids to fend for themselves. After all, it is them that are slurping up the welfare for families and wanting more handouts for less taxes.

Inventory2 said...

You've changed your tune since Nov 2008 PM:


Winston was a crook then!

PM of NZ said...

Well spotted, IV2. Did I really say that? You have been dredging in my sewer.

However, Winnie is still a crook, but at present, a better looking crook than the pinkos that infest our government on both sides of the house.

If it is OK for Neville Key, Dear Leader, to flip-flop with each day that passes, I could be excused for swaying whichever way the breeze takes me.

A vote for Winnie would be purely out of spite, to ram the message home to both sides that my vote is not to trifled with.