Monday, August 23, 2010

A disgrace to the uniform

One of the sailors was struck so hard his eye socket fractured and he was sent back to New Zealand

Heke punched Able Electronic Warfare Specialist Rameka Pita twice in the head before approaching Able Seamen Combat Specialist Te Kira and punching him twice in the head with such force he fell off his chair.

Heke had to be pulled off Kira by fellow navy crewmen, the court heard.

Pissed and punchy. Some never learn.
Heke pleaded guilty to both counts before Judge Charles Blackie during a Court Martial at Devonport Naval Base

I don't want you to crush this man. Yes, impose a meaningful penalty, he knows that going to happen, but we need to keep it in some context as well

was genuinely and deeply remorseful for his actions

I bet he is very remorseful as the full effect of possible punishments are about to kick in at the imminent sentencing. One can only hope his civilian punishment is imprisonment of a full two years. On his return, any Naval punishment kicks in. One then hopes he spends time over the hill, loses his good conduct badges and is dishonourably discharged for conduct unbecoming.
The deployment aboard HMNZS Te Kaha "represented a trip of a lifetime" for Heke and instead of the recommendation for promotion he hoped for he had been sent home in disgrace
At the time of this incident, Te Kaha was outward bound to South East Asia for exercises. The next trip was to the States. Trips of a lifetime indeed, being the first since NZ was ejected from ANZUS two and a half decades earlier after the anti-nuke madness.

Heke is now nothing but a disgrace to the uniform.


Murray said...

How did this punchy sack of poo get a deployment in the first place?

Manning office needs a kick in the ass as well. This sort of behaviour nevers comes in issolation and I'll bet hes been a problem since basic.

You can't stuff just anyone into a crowded ship full of people and this brain cell shouldn't have been there.

PM of NZ said...

"How did this punchy sack of poo get a deployment in the first place?"

As is the norm for the Navy and with all those new ships they've got, deployment manning will be on a shoestring. Doesn't matter what the brass in Wellytown lies to the Minister about 'no manning problems, nothing to see here' the ships have been severely undermanned for nigh on two decades.

So any punchy prick gets deployed.

Murray said...

My father still bitches about gettign all the crap deployments then getting bumped by reservists who feel the need to do their sea time when the ship heads for Pearl.

Pissed him off so much he started a rumor that the Singapore posting had been upgraded and he was the only one with the rank to do it.

Good rumor, enjoyed those two years mightily.

Better an empty bunk than one with a trouble maker in it.