Thursday, August 05, 2010

Quackery of the first order

Adolf over at No Minister has been visiting the quack of late. His post reminded me of my recent bi-annual visit. Like the black art of quackery that is homeopathy, this visit left a sour taste as I thought at the time it was quackery of the first order.

The newest Madam Doktor at our local PHO (get a different one every 6 months for decade) must be onto a scam to make money for the practice.

On one of the $40 odd a pop government subsidised bi-annual visits for an unchanged replacement scrip for dicky ticker pills, she notes a high, but stable for nigh on 10 years setting that other quacks have not noticed or have ignored.

So off I go for all sorts of tests and scans. Sod all found apparently, next thing Herr Dietitian calls me up for another visit. Just to give me some diet pamphlets to read. I say will this cost another visitation fee? She says Yes Siree, kaching!

I suggest she could keep the docs and give them to me in 5-1/2 months time. I don't think I will keel over before the next visit, saving me a heap of wad and both of us a lot of time.

Since the ma-in-law uses the same practice, lo and behold she ends up with the same quack, suddenly she is off for all sorts of tests - similar outcome. Sod all found, PHO has made a pretty income off the government.

Changing quacks is not an option, the only other private practice in town is over-subscribed (I wonder why?), others are are a two hour return trip away.

As Adolf notes, I do wonder if the Medical Council takes any interest in such rorts.

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