Friday, August 20, 2010

Cactus to stand for ACT?

Liz in real life probably ended up divorcing Philippe by releasing an 83 page powerpoint of his faults and how great she is to the local Balinese papers, and returning to New Zealand to stand for ACT

A none-too subtle hint as the Cactus gets her message across?

No sequel please. No sequel please. No sequel please.

Eviscerating ACT.


Inventory2 said...

Act doesn't need CK to eviscerate it; it's doing a perfectly good job itself!

PM of NZ said...

Most have noticed, although you wouldn't think so if you went over to Clint Heine's shop.

It's full of ACT-Deniers over there...

Heine said...

And yet today we see on Kiwiblog, Rodney and ACT did the right thing.

Time to move on lads. ACT at least has more principles while in "crisis" than the entire National Party. Wish it wasn't true but I couldn't stand to be a Nat. One day it's all Brash and the next its Key and English... bloody hell.

PM of NZ said...

"Time to move on lads."

ACT may be proven to be more principled than others (see Whale / 'Awesome Kiwi'), but I think time has been called on the ACT brand.

Definitely time to move on lads.

Anonymous said...

Course they did the fucking right thing.
The idea that that a commie - or at beast a fellow-traveller- like Roy could still be in ACT is disguisting.

Well rid of 'em. Now ACT can start building a simple straightforward brand:
* tough on crime
* tough on benefits
* tough on iwi
* tough on unions
* tough on civil servants
* tough on Labour
* tough on Winston
* tough on taxes -
* and, OK, tough on naughty kids!

and stop sending onanistic execl-spreadsheets out instead of clear messages to win elections

and get up to 10% in 2012.

PM of NZ said...

2012, Anon?

The question really is - 'Will ACT be there after 2011?'.

Like the one from the crypt, anything over 5% will be real surprise.