Thursday, August 12, 2010

Valuable insights [update]

  • was paid for out of a ratepayer-funded training pot
  • each councillor is entitled to spend up to $4000 annually from the discretionary fund
  • defended the trip which she said gave valuable insights
  • people are so narrow-minded and ignorant
The largesse knows no bounds. One of these days those elected to office might just do the job required and not fleece the ratepayers and taxpayers doing it.

I believe that this is absolutely going to benefit my community

the negative public response had prompted her to reconsider her decision to stand again at the forthcoming local body elections

Doing the Lords work for community, but cannot stand the heat when confronted.

Yes, once again, yet more valuable insights in troughery by our elected representatives exposed with the disinfectant of sunlight.

Whilst I do not condone the personal attacks on family, the message is being twisted by the spin doctors.
As expected, from the Village of the Damned, her troughing boss goes in to bat to defend her position
  • Mayor Bob Parker, ... said the media had portrayed her as "some kind of criminal"
  • $4000 was "small change..."
  • Perhaps the starting point [for stories] should not be that someone has done something stupid or wrong...

Criminal, that is exactly what this type of spend is. Media is 100% correct in reporting such blue-sky spending.

These pricks just do not get the message - stop wasting ratepayer monies on jollies and junkets, period. Like hip-hop tours of a few years ago, building sandcastles was never going to fly.

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