Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Local government barking mad

Concentrate if you will on this judicious use of ratepayer funds.
  • Neighbours of a noisy dog were asked to keep "bark diaries"
  • dispute that has soaked up hundreds of hours of council time
  • involved police
  • since 2006
  • two exercise books – bark diaries – filled with the dates, times and the duration of BJ's barking
  • barking had made his life hell
  • As soon as I step out the door it goes berserk
  • Council staff say they have spent about 200 hours on the dispute
  • The latest council meeting agenda devotes nine pages to the dispute

Un-effing-believable. No use of a cheap microphone and recording device or a modern device like a vox dictaphone. Problem could have been solved in a week. Even quicker with some baited meat hurfed over the fence.

Napier City Council proves to be barking mad as they finally remove the dog.


KG said...

A few days before we left the N.T. I'd finally had enough of the cur which came and stood outside our house every night, barking incessantly.
One round of .308 fixed the problem,. Went back to bed and next day, not a word was said.Because everybody accepted that the dog was a pain in the arse.
Just one of the joys of living where petty bureaucrats don't rule.......

KG said...

One of the best examples I saw of the application of commonsense to a dog problem occurred in another Aboriginal community we lived in. A dog was inside the door of the little store, biting kids and threatening adults. The local head landowner simply walked out to his ute, took out a rifle then walked back into the shop and plugged the dog.
Problem solved, no fuss, business resumed.