Monday, August 09, 2010

Music to my ears...

  • Health Minister Tony Ryall has made it clear the Government wants further savings from Wellington's district health board - "Carry on cutting"
  • New Zealand's welfare system is being set up for reform... rising levels of "welfare dependency" were a major concern - "unsustainable, outdated and fragmented"

This is what National governments used to be made of. Don't forget those on middle class Welfare For Families, John Boy. Along with anything with the word Maori, Aotearoa, race or women in its name. A starting point. See what's left, whilst the axe is re-sharpened.

Cutting the cloth to meet your budget, music to my ears.


Murray said...

Call me when he cuts the Maori Party loose.

KG said...

And let's see the deadweight of local and regional councils severely pruned too. Axe all of their "social" functions and pare them back to garbage, water supplies and footpaths.

PM of NZ said...

Yep, KG, that action would be Phase II in my book, but in the same term of government.

Councils have no right to be delivering welfare and social services. Their job is purely infrastructure. Period.

A government that could (and would) do that, would get my vote for life

KG said...

Mine too.

Oswald Bastable said...