Friday, August 13, 2010

"Hope is not a strategy" but the music continues

  • Finance Minister Bill English has warned public servants that more belt-tightening and job losses are on the way
  • they cannot "wait out" the current round of cost cutting
  • Surpluses of at least 2 per cent of gross domestic product would be needed before public spending could be significantly increased
  • that could be many years away
  • That ... may not occur in the professional lives of a large group of middle to senior civil servants

Bludging public service bureaucrats planning featherbedding strategies on 'hope' are about to be actively shown the door. Not before time.

  • It's not an option for the public service to wait out these challenges.
  • Hope is not a strategy
  • The Government faced five more years of budget deficits
  • the Government is likely to be losing jobs, rather than creating them in the next five years

With the strongest possible message yet, the music continues.


Anonymous said...

ummm hope IS a strategy.

There is a lot of debate in Australia about whether the stimulus package is right or wrong," said Mr English....

"We hope it works because anything that helps Australia's economy helps us."

Mr English said the best outcome New Zealand could hope for was stimulus not only in Australia but also in the United States and China.

Anonymous said...

Can't rely on Aus or US to do our heavy lifting.

The best outcome for NZ would be to terminate large chunks of the civil service & welfare & benefits immediately:

Dole; DPB; Sickness; Invalids; WFF; Super; Schools; Hospitals; GP subsidies; and all the rest

Just can the whole fucking lot.