Thursday, August 12, 2010

And there's no racism in NZ?

This morning we have the resident rabid boorish brownneck buffoon continuing to froth at the lip and utter his own racist worldviews.
It would be good if Mr Harawira realised that not everyone who disagrees with him is a 'boorish redneck'

Meanwhile we have the oft-stated party of inclusivity and diversity selecting candidates on race.
Labour president Andrew Little has ruled himself out of the race, and has indicated the party may look for a Pacific Island or Maori candidate to contest the seat

Nice one Labour. Who would have thought NZ was multicultural with these racist pricks at the helm?

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The Gantt Guy said...

On John Hatfield ...

What if I, as a middle class WASP male (you know, "the enemy") were to say, or even think, "jeez I'd be upset if my daughter brought home a brownie". I'd be strung up from the nearesst lamp-post. The only reasons John Hatfield isn't is because he's brown and, more importantly, he's brown royalty. Fucker should be locked up.