Saturday, August 28, 2010

'Brutal' - A NACTional Minister?

Well I never. A NACTional minister being accused of being brutal.
brutal funding cuts

would leave it with half of the money it had before

Tolley was unapologetic over the cuts

And so they should. It is user pays these days for the breeders, not state provided daycare.
You have your decisions to make around your budgeting. As minister, I have my decisions to make around my budgeting

The rising costs were unsustainable

You have a philosophical point of view and I respect that.

But I can't afford to pay for it.

About bloody time the cloth was brutally cut to meet the budget. Wait for the screams of 'Won't someone think of the children' from the unionised. Next stop, those that won't implement National Standards.

18 months overdue, but those at the helm might be listening at last. After all, they have an election to win in 12 months.

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