Sunday, August 15, 2010

Softcock looks to clear court backlog

I'm sympathetic to the view that we do have responsible media

by and large you can trust them

What a load of bollocks from the overpaid. The MSM in this country will turn any salacious bit of gossip into news and use it to sell their product if it meets their socialist agenda.

The reality is that sadly it's a diminishing number of people who get their information from the newspapers, the TV or radio news.

And you'd trust those media to give soundbites of a balanced view?
Younger people get all of their information from Twitter, blogs, and text messages and this is often misinformed

At least with the social media you know you are going to get something possibly biased, but approaches the real truth. Not some dated info that has been sanitised to death with spin before publishing.
clogged court services could heap more stress on people facing charges

Harden up and get on with job you are paid to do. Sentence the bloody criminals, lock them up and stop trying to do the social engineering. If some criminals want to opt out before they get their day in court, let them go right ahead. Don't blame the system for their poor life choices.

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