Wednesday, March 09, 2011

10,000 or thereabouts...

Whilst the topic du jeur is the left making political capital about whether JonKey's 10,000 homes, whole suburbs or just a few the next block over are uninhabitable and ripe for demolition, these are few thoughts of mine.

The question must be asked "Why has the council and CD been hiding the actual numbers of damage for two weeks?".

Surely on day one a number of buildings damaged and extent of damage has been available to those in charge. Such numbers should be public from the outset, easily revised daily, instead of being used for political capital.

The prime concern in any emergency operation is to quickly define the extent and limits of damage, so if such numbers were not available for immediate public consumption, one must ask what sort of operation are the council and CD running?


Anonymous said...

Re: "topic du jeur" - you might consider leaving out the pretentious French if you can't get the spelling right.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, I'm sure you get my drift. Now, address the issue or bog off.

Sally said...

Anon's (@3.05pm) pathetic gripe is typical of a lazy populous who never do their homework and think John Key is God.