Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"You're not welcome in Wanganui"

I'm sure that under any law gangs will be able to find a 'right' to being welcomed in Wanganui. No doubt there will be one available to them in that treaty. Just like all the other 'rights' found there-in of late.

Tongue out of cheek now, what really worries is the usefulness of the legislation writers when laws barely signed off have to be scrapped and revisited. The only winner there is the legal fraternity.

Certainly does not give this voter any faith in our laws.

ht Keeping Stock

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Inventory2 said...

@ PM; good point, but that is why I have applauded the WDC for deciding to rewrite the by-law rather than appealing the High Court decision. To do the latter WOULD have made the lawyers rich!

Justice Clifford was pretty clear in his decision as to what WDC could and couldn't do. He has effectively given them a roadmap to follow in rewriting the by-law.