Monday, March 21, 2011

$800M: cut: Is that all???

Government will cut $800 million in new spending

You have to be joking. How much did we borrow last week? And the 100 weeks before that?

$800M from new spending is still increased spending.

An $8 billion cut in current spend is required to make a difference.


mawm said...

Yes, truely laughable.

Someone needs to do a pie chart to show how miniscule it is in comparison to total government spending.

Anonymous said...

Only 8 Billion? But we're now borrowing upwards of $20 Billion per annum - and that will probably increase when the credit downgrades start.

To get the budget into balance, and pay to rebuild Christchurch we need to be looking at $30-$40 Billion cuts per annum.

That's all health, welfare, super & educating spending.
The whole damn lot.

The only serious question is: do we want to cut now under some kind of control - or have an alliance of the IMF & Wall Street rating agencies do it for us

mawm said...

Anon - that's $8 million.