Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vile message from Greenpeace

“How many more warnings do we before we finally grasp that nuclear reactors are inherently hazardous? The nuclear industry always tells us that situation like this cannot happen with modern reactors, yet Japan is currently in the middle of a potentially devastating nuclear crisis. Once again, we are reminded of the inherent risks of nuclear power, which will always be vulnerable to the potentially deadly combination of human error, design failure and natural disaster.”

“Greenpeace is calling for the phase out of existing reactors, and no construction of new commercial nuclear reactors. Governments should invest in renewable energy resources that are not only environmentally sound but also affordable and reliable”

Absolutely despicable to use this hours old tragedy to spread their vile propaganda.


KG said...

This is a truly disgusting organisation--leading gullible idiots by the nose.
No mention, of course of how the countless billions of MWH of cheap electricity helped underpin Japan's economic prosperity,all with complete safety over a long period of time..

Inventory2 said...

Next cab off the rank will be Sea Shepherd claiming that this disaster is some kind of divine retribution because the Japanese like to eat whales.

PM of NZ said...

IV2, I expect it won't be long.

The climate change loons are already out in force twattering away.

Sea Shepherd will find some way to lay blame when the tsunami waves break off some large chunk of Antarctic ice shelf.

PM of NZ said...

KG, I guess Greenpeace HQ's in the US and UK only use MWHs sourced from ultra-expensive windfarms and other highly subsidised renewables.

Never any of that cheap nasty nuke power gets to their electrics...

Anonymous said...

Ah but did'nt one of their favoured renewable energy sources - hydro - cause loss of life when the dam broke in the quake?

robertguyton said...

You're right PM!
Using an earthquake as an excuse to talk about the danger of having nuclear power stations is a disgrace!
Greenpeace should at least wait til there's a real crisis at a nuclear power station before they ... hang on!

PM of NZ said...

RG, While you're going off half-cock, take some time out and have a read of this.

Anonymous said...

Greenpeace have long since been beneath contempt. I note that the opportunity to slag off nuclear energy hasn't been missed by them or the MSM.
Newstalk are presently stating that the reactors have cooled and the danger (if any) has diminished.
Was there ever a crisis?


PM of NZ said...

Cadwallader, Never imho. Proper precautions were taken, but I will admit the flow of communication could have been better.

Less radiation locally than your next chest x-ray, barely detectable in Tokyo.