Monday, March 07, 2011

ChCh: Key does not have the balls to rebuild

Brownlee says he has no desire to "bring out the bulldozers and take Christchurch to the ground"

he believed heritage orders preventing their destruction had been "far too precious"

There were many heritage category buildings in Christchurch that were severely damaged and if I had my way they'd be down tomorrow.

But Key rolls over after a weekend of negative feedback and Gerry now takes a softer line, both caving into the socialists.

Meanwhile caretaker Phil continues for traction to try to look good.
decisions needed to be made thoughtfully

At anything. But back to the useless Key.
Bob Parker is actually right. It will be a partnership between the council and central government

It's very much going to be hand in glove with Christchurch city.

Obviously scared of losing votes.
we're not taking charge

Another gutless socialist. Too soft do what is required.

No wonder National will lose the next election.


Anonymous said...

That is a great picture on the right hand side of your web page.

That pose says it all about this government.

Don't think we will see it on HP or No Ministers blogs.

PM of NZ said...

Would have to agree with that.

And I feel sure KG at CR would welcome your observation.